Trevor Daniel w/ Solo Sam & Christopher Kaleb

Friday, October 12, 2018

40 E. Jefferson St., Naperville, IL

5:30PM Doors, 6:00PM Show

Free w/ NCC ID

Trevor Daniel began as a bedroom musician that now has since reached more than 20 million people.
Based in Houston, the singer’s music is a gestalt of his influences. He is a fan of that 808’s
Kanye-Drake-Cudi wave, Y2K Techno, and his city’s Chopped & Screwed trademark. With the voice, the
melodic production, and heartfelt songwriting, Trevor thrives. The first act signed to Taz Taylor’s Internet
Money Records broadcasts his life in sound and verse.

The journey began in 2012. When he could not longer play football due to a high school credit transfer
issue, Trevor turned his attention to music. “A lot of it was me joking around because I’d just learned to
record myself. But eventually, I got very serious.” As he sharpened his daily pursuit of making music,
Trevor diligently studied Internet Money’s online tutorials for producers. He also started uploading tracks.
Before long, YouTube channel SyrebralVibes embraced Daniel’s sound and hosted his songs. People
were tuning in. When he made late 2015’s “Fool,” it marked a pivotal breakthrough. “I felt like I was
coming into something,” he recalls of a particular batch of new cuts. “I deleted everything else because of
those songs. This was a whole new thing, and I didn’t want people to hear anything else.” The next year,
Trevor won “Artist Of The Year” on the New Houston Musi c site. In early 2017, a hurricane devastated
Houston. Out of the destruction, Trevor’s calling was affirmed. “My family was safe in Harvey, I stayed at
my girlfriend’s house, and my family stayed with friends. We kayaked back to my apartment when the
water began to go down to see the damage. I knew music was what I wanted to do over anything else
because the only belongings I thought to save, before the water came in, were my equipment. I knew I
wanted to make music. This was the breaking point.”

In 2018, “Pretend” became Trevor’s first song to break a million. The last word in a messy breakup, the
cut with a blasting vocal now has 8MM, along with over 600,000 organic Spotify plays. Other songs have
landed on the official “Alternative R&B” and “Fresh Finds” playlists. Additionally, the Electro-tinged “Mirror”
soared past the 12MM mark. Music allowed Trevor to quit his retail job and focus on creating. He often
plays shows, home and away. The artist who reached 20 million enjoys building a base the old fashioned
way, a hundred fans at a time.

At the top of his journey, the Internet Money team’s tutorial videos helped Trevor learn how to make
beats. Now, the group’s leader had become a fan of the singer/producer. “I’ve always been a fan of their
content and everything. They were the last people on earth that I thought would hit me up,” Daniel says.
Trevor traveled to Internet Money’s Hollywood mansion-studio compound to meet the hit-maker for
Drake, Post Malone, and Future. Within two hours, they had made a song together. “They’re very direct.
They’re down just to stay up all night and work. In my experience, it’s not usually like that. Most people
just like posting stuff to Instagram about ‘we’re working,’” Trevor notes. He turned down other offers to
keep his creative control and enhance his sound with like-minded musicians. The cinematic visual to new
single “Falling” celebrates this partnership. With an EP and album on the way, Trevor Daniel takes a
sound cultivated at his computer and uses all the tools now at his disposal to share it with eager fans.