Kevin Andrew Prchal & The Wheeling Birds w/ Ryan Joseph Anderson

Friday, January 06, 2017

129 W. Benton St.

7:00PM Doors 6:30PM

$15 Door & Internet, $13 Phone (630-637-SHOW), Free w/ NCC ID

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to refer to Sorrow Sings, the newest full-length from Chicago-area singer/songwriter Kevin Andrew Prchal, as a thesis set to music.  Purposefully devoted to opposites: Light and dark; Heaven and Hell; Life and death; Deep love and utter loneliness, etc., Prchal (rhymes with “circle”) explores these territories with the mindset to accept, or even revel in those differences rather than pit them against each other.  While others in Prchal’s genre of alt-country/folk have been stomping and clapping their way to calculated sunshine, he remains a vital artist coming to terms with our biggest fears, spinning yarns on par with the darkened honesty of Johnny Cash’s American series.fuckingpornfreefuckingpornfree