Ryan Corn

Friday, April 07, 2017

129 W. Benton St.

6:30PM Doors, 7:00PM Show

$15 Door & Internet, $13 Phone, Free w/ NCC ID

Ryan Corn is a Missouri native with musical roots. As a child, he learned harmony by singing with his grandmother in church. As a teenager, the lure of the electric guitar hooked him, and he found himself in a couple of bands, writing songs and touring in a beat-up RV. Along the way, he began to develop his own musical identity as a solo artist. His infectious music, brimming with hooks and style is a reflection of an artist whose desire is not just to get a song stuck in your head, but to get it stuck in your heart. He’s currently rooted in Nashville and taking pop music to another level; he’s rewriting the formula, infusing his heart into his music, and he just might make you get up and dance.