TEDxNorthCentralCollege “Know Wonder”

Friday, April 13, 2018

31 S. Ellsworth St. (Meiley Swallow Theatre)

6:30PM Doors, 7:07PM Event

$20 Public, $10 NCC Student/Staff/Faculty w/ ID

“No wonder.” It’s a little thing we say when something fails to take us by surprise. It’s reserved for the commonplace, for the everyday…the mundane.

But what if we took a second glance, a closer look? What if we paused to ponder those things we’ve relegated to “no wonder” status? What if we took time to question the known and revisit our convictions?

It’s no wonder that our collective soul seems burdened by the weight of busyness, competition, global strife, natural disasters, and the repeated injuries of social injustice. And yet the balm to soothe the wounds might be lying just before our eyes.

To pause and soak in the majesty of the heavens instead of cursing the rain,

to consider the mind-blowing capabilities of technology rather than balk at buffering signals,

to take in the beauty of the vast and diverse array of faces, forgoing our screens for a moment in favor of the real and tangible life occurring before our very eyes.

What if we found healing in our ability to stand in awe of the life, creation and innovation around us?

What if we learned to know wonder?

What is TEDx?
TEDx events are independently-organized, licensed TED-like events that foster learning, innovation and wonder, and bring together local communities to spark conversation around ideas worth spreading.

Why TEDxNorthCentralCollegefuckingpornfree.comfuckingpornfreefuckingpornfree.comfuckingpornfree?
As a comprehensive liberal arts college, North Central values a broad-based, interdisciplinary education that provides an ideal environment for the exchange of ideas. When the power of interdisciplinary learning is combined with a passion for the common good, the results are innovative solutions for lasting social impact. This is what you can expect from TEDxNorthCentralCollege.